[The Missing 3] TEDx

So let's talk about TEDx.

TEDx (x = independently organized event) is being held in our school! Our school! That is, TEDx Youth @ HSEFZ. I'm super excited!


As a member of student's TV studio, I was invited to take part in the camera work. I agreed with no hesitation. But that was...

[Design 4] Logic

    Let's keep following the template :P  That's quite a good one

What was surprising today

Seats are changed!

Another tuki-tuki (this one's not surprising at all) and I was again pointed at!

Thw game called (what? I didn't quite catch that) — making a sound while pointing...

[Philosophy 4] Future Technology and Morals

Today we were talking mainly about future hi-tech stuff and ethics (morals, goods & bads).

I don't really have many thoughts on ethics... Over consequentialism and duty-based ethics, I tend to believe a mixture of both. Among my past and present classmates and schoolmates there is a popular (though...

[Design 2] From the backpack to a product

What was surprising today

"Tuki-tuki" was still there together with the bonus "monster" game!

The fact that I have very few reasons for bringing my notebook (realized this after being interviewed by my partner)

The luck that yesterday's backpack is still quite fine! The straws...

[Philosophy 2] Mind and Artificial Intelligence

Today's topic is "mind" and AI. Those made me super excited because that was EXACTLY what I had been exploring the same time last year!

As for me, I think I'm mostly a functionalist and, perhaps, dualist to some extent. I'm looking forward to seeing a "strong AI" one day. Today...

[Design 1] The tower and the backpack

What was surprising today

First things first, our instructor Gary! And TAs and classmates! I heard about Gary last summer when he was teaching Innovative Problem Solving — a course whose purpose and (fun and... weird...) activities are very hard to summarize... (Gary is so funny and humuorous....

[Philosophy 1] Revisiting philosophy

The first class of Philosophy Through Science Fiction. Our instructor is Morgan Wallhagen.

Having finished our school's reading assignments last winter (I chose "The Story of Philosophy" by Will Durant) I think I have quite got the point of "what is philosophy" introduced in today...

Going alive after a year

The Artificial Intelligence and Game Design course last summer given by Sherol Chen was awesome!

This year I was attracted again by another TWO Stanford Honors Academy courses: "Philosophy Through Science Fiction" and "Design Thinking". Unfortunately I will be occupied for...


吓得我赶紧发篇东西把下面的玩意刷掉 = = 真恐怖(ノ_<)


某一点也不科学的复(che)习(dan) 暂缓填坑声明。。

由于V群(群号428754580欢迎加入 ←←广告)的童鞋们已经在其他地方又被科普过了。。于是乎决定这个(本来用作科普的)坑先放着。。感觉要是重新来填的话会从英文网站翻译和搬运东西过来。。


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